A 32-YEAR-OLD Chinese national grabbed a woman who was walking home at night, dragged her into some bushes near an expressway, and then raped her.

After his assault on the 25-year-old woman, also a Chinese national, Dai Yunfa audaciously offered her his mobile phone number so that they could be friends - an offer which she refused.

He also promised to help her look for her mobile phone, which was misplaced during the struggle.

The next evening, he was seen searching in the bushes when the woman returned to the crime scene with police officers.

On Monday, Dai pleaded guilty in the High Court to one count each of abduction, aggravated rape and resisting arrest for the incidents which took place in September last year.

Dai, who is married with one child in China, came here in 2008 and last worked as a welder.

Rapist offered mobile number