MORE than 160 women, and a few brave men, turned up for the 2nd Savvy Diva Seminar organised by Singapore Press Holdings' news and lifestyle portal, AsiaOne Diva.

'My girlfriend told me that it would mostly be girls. But it's not about whether there are more men or women in an environment, it is about the opportunity to learn. And I liked the talk on wealth,' said 22-year-old Hadi Mazlan, an NSF.

He was enthusing about the talk 'How to take control of your financial life' by millionaire trader Mariam Macwilliams.

Also on the itinerary for the day, various talks by different sponsors, with topics ranging from 'How to look fabulous at any age', a talk discussing aesthetic options titled 'Lose weight eating soy', as well as 'Eating right for any blood type'.

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