SEOUL - SOUTH KOREA'S navy fired warning shots to drive away a North Korean fishing boat at a maritime border yesterday, the second incident in six days, jangling nerves in Seoul ahead of next week's G-20 summit.

The South Korean capital, about 100km south of the Demilitarised Zone, is on heightened alert ahead of the summit over concerns Pyongyang may try to create an incident to embarrass its rival.

Washington has pressed Beijing to use its influence over the North to persuade it not to create an incident in the run-up to the meeting.
South Korean President Lee Myung Bak told a news conference in Seoul that he was not expecting any trouble from across the border.

'I dont't think the North will try to do anything when leaders of the international community are meeting to discuss the world economy,' he said. 'I trust the North won't do anything but still we are fully prepared.'

The North this week dismissed reports it would be a 'provocateur'. A military officer said South Korea fired 10 warning shots to force the North Korean boat to retreat early yesterday after the vessel crossed into its waters off the west coast near where one of the South's naval warships was sunk earlier this year.

S. Korea on alert