AN ALLIANCE of three opposition parties led by Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong appears to be coming apart.

Sources in his Singapore People's Party (SPP) said he is seriously considering pulling the party out of the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA).

Said an SPP member: 'Mr Chiam sees his best chances of contesting a GRC with the Reform Party, but he feels the SDA member parties are not going to let the Reform Party in.'

Should he pull out the SPP, Mr Chiam would not need to vacate his MP post because the SDA Constitution allows him to stay on as a member. He had contested the 2006 election under the SDA banner.

The issue of letting the Reform Party (RP), led by Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, into the alliance has been the main bone of contention in the current SDA infighting.

It came to a head this week, and yesterday Mr Chiam fired the latest salvo by rejecting the SDA executive council's decision to back the man he had replaced as the alliance's secretary-general.

SDA may fall apart