A FORMER executive secretary who siphoned off about $642,000 from her boss at one of the big four accounting firms was jailed for five years yesterday.

Susan Siew Siu Yin, 45, pleaded guilty earlier to 23 of 164 charges, comprising one charge of stealing an unused cheque book and the rest for forging the signature of Mr Kikuo Yokota, 65, on cheques and authorisation letters to SingPost and OCBC Bank from 2003 to last year.

At the time, Mr Yokota was a director at KPMG, Japanese practice, at Raffles Quay.

To cover her tracks, she forged the victim's signature, authorising his bank statements to be diverted to a post office mailbox to which only she had access.

When he asked her to check with the bank in March or April 2007 about why he had not been receiving his statements, she forged 20 OCBC bank statements, from which she left out the fraudulent cheque withdrawals.

When he found out in July 2007, she pleaded for forgiveness and promised to repay him in monthly instalments. By then, she had misappropriated $569,370. She paid back only $3,000 and went back to her old ways about nine months later. From October 2008, she again stole his personal cheques, and forged eight more cheques and a bank authorisation letter. She misappropriated another $72,500 during that period.

Secretary gets 5 years for stealing