OLD folks in poor health and in need of medical attention but are not yet prepared to move into a nursing home, will now have somewhere to go.

A day-rehabilitation centre in Bedok has been retrofitted to take in non-residential aged and sick individuals who need, for example, tube-feeding or the changing of catheters, and whose family members cannot provide this care because they have to work during the day.

The programme, targeted at families who cannot afford the services of a full-time maid or nurse, is being tried out at the Salvation Army Bedok Multi-Service Centre in Bedok North.

The clients at this facility, who go home to their families at night, are charged $62 a day, including meals. Subsidies of up to 75 per cent are available, and applicants have to be means-tested.

The programme, called the Singapore Programme for Integrated Care for the Elderly, is being funded by Temasek Holdings' philanthropic arm, Temasek Cares, in partnership with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), the body set up by the Health Ministry to coordinate care services.

Temasek Cares has set aside $400,000 for the year-long pilot programme. Some of the money has gone into renovating the Bedok centre, which now has shower rooms and a resting room for weaker clients to rest between activities.

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