LAW Minister K. Shanmugam, who will also head the Home Affairs Ministry from Monday, said juggling his two portfolios and his MP duties 'can be managed'.

'There is some degree of overlap between the two ministries. But it's something that others have done before,' he said in reply to reporters' questions at a community event yesterday.

Senior Minister S. Jayakumar had helmed both ministries between 1988 and 1994.

He handed his Home Affairs portfolio to Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng in 1994, and relinquished his Law Minister post to Mr Shanmugam in 2008.
Mr Shanmugam said his new workload would not lessen his commitment to help residents in his Chong Pang ward or the Sembawang GRC.

'The most important part of politics, in some way, is the local politics. If you dont't take care of your constituency, you have not't done your job.

Shanmugam on workload