RESIDENTS who live near Elias Mall in Pasir Ris are being bussed to a wet market in Pasir Ris Drive 6 because the one near their homes has been closed since March.

The Housing Board (HDB) started providing the free shuttle service, the first of its kind, on Oct 3.

It runs to and from the market between 7am and noon daily at half-hour intervals, and about 100 residents use it every day.

Supermarket chain Sheng Siong took over White Sands New Market in March, but has been unable to come up with a proposal for running it that the HDB is happy with.

The chain acquired six wet markets late last year, with the aim of turning them into air-conditioned markets.

After local residents raised fears that their groceries would cost more, the HDB - which owns the premises - required that Sheng Siong continue operating them as wet markets.

Shuttle to wet market