This shocking video shows a supervisor striking a subordinate on the face repeatedly in an office, in front of his coworkers. The video had been uploaded onto YouTube by a user whose profile states that he is from Singapore.

Office abuse caught on tape!

I had just started an internship and noticed my supervisor constantly bullying my co-worker in the workplace. The abuse were often physical. I confronted him about his behavior, but I felt his explanation was insincere. I fear that his appalling behavior would continue should I not be around to witness it.
There is no justification for hitting someone!

Edit to Clarify:
The supervisor was also constantly yelling at my co-worker for minor mistakes. The hitting and yelling stopped when I confronted him but this kind of behavior has most likely been going on even before I joined, and will again continue after I leave.

When I confronted him, he brought me to a meeting room and his “explanation” he told me a lot of BS like “do not judge a book by its cover, there is a story behind it”. He said that my colleague apparently has an inferiority complex and apparently my supervisor is trying to “nurture” him to get over it. I felt this was stupid, as how can you nurture someone by hitting them?

The abuse seemed to get worse over time during my first 3 days, on the 3rd day I quickly decided to start recording with my phone when the supervisor started to yell again at my coworker. I have reported this to HR , and I will write to the Ministry of Manpower on Monday. However my co-worker is very timid and seems like the kind of guy that will not stand up for himself.