Today when I open yahoo, this article pops up - Yahoo! Answers - Are Singapore's Gen-Y workers too pampered and demanding?. Are Singapore's Gen Y workers too pampered?? I dont't belong to Gen Y...I am much older than them. But I dont't like the way the editor has phrase it. Is it indirectly targeting Singaporeans, saying we PMET are too pampered? *pui pui pui* If we are pampered, we wouldn't have foreign PMET talents snatching our jobs away. And mind you these foreign PMETs are not boss (ABNN) is paid SGD11,XXX/month. His daily routine is to go meeting then come back and crush us dry by giving us work and more work to show to 'highlight' himself to the management. *F him* We are all so sianz....poor morale at work and totally pissed!