Lately, there has been some chatter on youth unemployment, a problem that is actually fairly prevalent in countries such as South Korea and Taiwan.

I’ll save the discussion on youth unemployment and even underemployment for another day. But… in case some of you are intending to do some job-hunting soon, I’ll share some thoughts about this instead.

Mr Brown was a Bully?

Did you see Mr Brown’s Facebook post on Gen Y blogger Jeraldine’s blogpost on five annoying situations she’d faced when job-hunting in Singapore?

Some of the comments were gold! Which ones? Haha, it depends on which side of the fence you’re on.

Well, before you go thinking that Mr Brown is one big bad bully, you might want to read these comments by someone who supposedly knows Jeraldine through her boyfriend.

But surely there must be two sides of the story, my editor passed me a few answers of which she was posed questions to.

Who’s yea and who’s nay in the Brown/Jerandine tussle?

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