FRENCH 'Spider-Man' Alain Robert scaled the Singapore Flyer on Friday evening, becoming the first person to climb around the world's tallest observatory wheel.

Although a light rain had fallen - making climbing slightly slippery for him towards the end - the wet weather did little to dampen the mood of a crowd of spectators who had gathered to cheer him on.

At 6pm, the 48-year-old, clad in orange track pants and a white T-shirt, hoisted himself off a ladder on the roof deck, and onto one of the capsules before beginning his ascent.

The diminutive man, who weighs only 52kg, took 35 minutes to complete the climb - about the same amount of time a ride takes on the 42-storey-high attraction. It was the first time he climbed a circular, moving structure.

Speaking to reporters shortly after completing the climb, he said of the view from the top of the Singapore Flyer: 'The sight is absolutely striking because you can see the whole skyline of Singapore, and the fact that I was outside made it more enjoyable.'

'I was also watching the OUB Centre which I didn't (finish climbing) 10 years ago because I got caught halfway through,' he added with a chuckle.

'Spider-Man' conquers Flyer