TOKYO - PUBLIC support for Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan's cabinet plunged to 32.7 per cent in November, down 14.9 percentage points from the previous survey in early October, an opinion poll showed on Sunday.

Those who said they disapproved of the cabinet rose to 48.6 per cent from 36.6 per cent, according to the survey conducted by Kyodo News at the weekend.

Some 74.0 per cent of respondents disapproved of the cabinet's foreign policies, the poll said.

Japan is at odds with China over a territorial spat triggered by a collision between Japanese and Chinese vessels near disputed islands in the East China Sea in September.

Mr Kan's government also faces accusations from the opposition over a political funding scandal involving his party's heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa.

The poll showed 58.6 per cent said they want to see Mr Ozawa summoned to parliament over accounting irregularities at his fund management body.

Support for Kan plunges