SINGAPORE : Singapore Swimming Association President Jeffrey Leow has said he regrets his choice of words when commenting on coach Ang Peng Siong's late filing of the final relay entry form.

Mr Leow had angered many by describing Mr Ang's mistake as trivial.

The Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay Team was disqualified from the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India as a result of the late filing of the form.

At a meeting with the swimmers and parents on Wednesday evening, Leow and Ang gave their account and apologised.

Leow said he was truly sorry and that he regrets his poor choice of words had caused offence and compounded the mistake.

Swimmer Mattias Ng said: "They've sincerely said their apologies to us, so we accept it with grace and we just move on."

Lynda Ng, the mother of Mattias, said: "Initially when we read the feedback, we were a bit affected by it. But after this meeting, and with their apologies, we think we should not pursue (this) further."

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