THE Muslim community is taking a new step to nip in the bud the problem of young people falling prey to terrorist ideology.

It is equipping madrasah student leaders - its future religious leaders - with skills to counter and set right their peers who show early signs of radicalisation.

Around 90 student leaders from four madrasahs were on Wednesday given a crash course on how extremists distort Islamic concepts and how people are radicalised.

The new move was prompted by several young people in Singapore and abroad becoming extremists, as well as the need to equip a new generation to continue the fight against terrorism.

In opening the session, Minister of State for Education and Home Affairs Masagos Zulkifli told the students that they had a responsibility to respond to the continuing challenge.

'Only people like yourself who have studied the history of our religion, how it has evolved, how it can evolve... can bring forward solutions,' he said.

Tackling extremism