MORE THAN 70 family members and friends bade a teary farewell to the 19-year-old polytechnic student who was brutally stabbed to death at Downtown East last Saturday.

Mr Darren Ng Wei Jia was at Downtown East to attend a birthday party when it is believed he got into a staring incident.

Four men aged between 18 and 20 have since been arrested. Three of them were charged in court on Wednesday morning.

At his funeral held at the void deck of his grandmother's flat in Tampines Street 84 on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Ng's father wailed uncontrollably as he said his last words to his son.

'You're only 19, why Darren why? You were supposed to take care of your sister and mother,' he cried while leaning over his son's coffin.

While his friends managed to get away quite unharmed, Mr Ng was repeatedly slashed by a group of chopper wielding youths on his back, arms, legs and most seriously, abdomen. He died several hours later.

Teary farewell to Darren