CHICAGO - AN INDIANA teenager who strangled his 10-year-old brother and told police he'd fantasised about murder since he was eight was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole on Friday, local media reported.

Andrew Conley was 17 years old when he strangled his brother Conner last year during a wrestling match while their parents were at work, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

He admitted in court last month that he knocked his brother out with a choke hold from behind, then dragged him into the kitchen - where the blood would be easier to clean - and strangled him for another 20 minutes. He then fastened a white shopping bag over Conner's faced, dragged his brother down a flight of steps, stuffed him in a black garbage bag and hoisted his lifeless body in the trunk of his car.

Conley then drove over to his girlfriend's house and spent a couple hours there - even giving her a friendship ring - before he dumped his brother's body in a wooded area behind Conner's school in Rising Sun, Indiana.

During the sentencing hearing which followed Conley's guilty plea, the Enquirer said defence attorney and prosecutors painted conflicting portraits of the teen, who also told police that he was a fan of the television show Dexter, about a serial killer who slips through the legal system.

Prosecutors portrayed him as a cold-blooded, calculating killer while defence attorney sought leniency because he had been sexually abused by a deranged stepfather. Ohio County Circuit Court Judge James Humphrey, who handed down the sentence, said Conley lacked remorse and knew what he was doing, the Enquirer reported.

Teen gets life for strangling bro