They practise in alleys, offices - Residents say lion dance troupes make too much noise

By Crystal Chan
October 11, 2010

Lion dance troupes say it is increasingly difficult to find a place to train.

They now practise in places such as multi-storey carparks and street alleys, hardly ideal places to practise their moves. This problem was highlighted after two lion dancers contacted citizen journalism website Stomp last month to air their grouses.

Both lamented the lack of venues to practise in and the residents who complained about noise.

Mr Ng Kim Foo, secretary-general of the Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation, which oversees the 200 lion dance troupes here, told The New Paper that from his experience, six in 10 troupes get complaints about their practising.

Mr Ng said they can't practise at community centres because only their own official lion dance troupes are allowed to to practise on the premises.