SINGAPORE'S Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) levels dropped to below 30 yesterday - the lowest in at least four days.

As at 11pm yesterday, the PSI reading, measured in three-hour intervals, was at 28.

It hovered mostly in the 70s in the morning and afternoon with a high of 80 at midnight the day before.

But heavy rain over many parts of the island in the late afternoon brought the index down, before it dipped to below 50 - which is in the good range - at 8pm.

Not surprisingly, families were out in force yesterday, taking advantage of the slight reprieve from the haze which has blanketed the island since Monday.

At East Coast Park, many beachgoers said they decided to venture out only after checking that the PSI level was within the moderate range of 51 to 100.

Unfazed by haze