MORE evidence emerged on Tuesday that an Indonesian national who died here following a fall in mysterious circumstances had suicidal tendencies.

On the second day of the coroner's inquiry into the death of Mr Aries Jasuwito, 25, Dr Yap Hwa Ling said the Indonesian underwent treatment for bipolar disorder at Changi General Hospital from February to September 2000.

The psychiatrist said Mr Jasuwito - who was found severely injured at the foot of a block of flats in Simei last October after coming to Singapore for a visit with his family - had admitted to having thoughts of suicide. He said he once tried to kill himself by swallowing wire, but his father stopped him.

When the inquiry started on Monday, Dr Daw San San Thinn of the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) said Mr Jasuwito was hospitalised in April 2000 for bipolar disorder. Hospital records indicate he planned to kill himself in 1997 by putting his fingers in an electric socket, but changed his mind.

During his stay at IMH, the psychiatrist said Mr Jasuwito suffered mood swings between manic and depressive episodes. This is a characteristic of bipolar disorder.

But after 10 days at IMH, his mother told the institute that she wanted her son discharged so that he could go back to a private psychiatrist. This was done although he was 'still symptomatic' and having 'auditory hallucinations' at that time, said Dr Daw.

Victim tried to kill himself