WELLINGTON - WANTED New Zealand millionaire Kara Hurring was reported on Sunday to be sheltering in Hong Kong and preparing to return home to face charges over her part in a banking bungle.

Hurring and boyfriend Leo Gao fled New Zealand 18 months ago when Westpac bank mistakenly put 10 million New Zealand dollars (S$9.8 million) into Gao's bank account after he asked for a NZ$100,000 dollar overdraft.
The bank managed to recover most of the money before Gao transferred 3.8 million dollars off-shore and moved to China's southern Guangdong province with Hurring.

But the Herald on Sunday newspaper said it has learned the couple have split up and Hurring has moved to Hong Kong where she is preparing to return to New Zealand.

Police working on the case refused to comment, other than to say Chinese authorities had refused to extradite the pair, although they have previously said they have been in email contact with Hurring.

The newspaper said it had learned Hurring was being forced to return because she was unable to lean on Gao for support and he had left her little money. Hurring's sister and mother both said they did not know where she was or when she was returning home. 'I'm no squeal,' her sister Aroha told the newspaper.

Wanted millionaire to return