PARIS - THE six world powers involved in negotiations with Iran are united on the need to update an offer to send some of Teheran's uranium overseas for enrichment, France's foreign ministry said on Friday.

'There is no disagreement among the six (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia the United States) on the need to update the offer made to Iran in the autumn of 2009 and there is also no disagreement on the principle and parameters of this update,' the ministry said.

The six nations proposed last year that Iran transfer 1,200kg of its low-enriched uranium to Russia and then to France for further enrichment for a Teheran research reactor. Iran has since increased its stock of uranium and the six are now working on an updated offer, according to Paris.

'This is about a mechanical update, because the centrifuges continue to turn. It's a simple, mathematical question,' foreign ministry spokesman Christine Fages said at a press briefing.

The New York Times recently reported the six wanted Iran to transfer 2,000 kilos of its uranium abroad for enrichment and not just 1,200 kilos. On Thursday, France's Monde newspaper reported that the US would propose that as well as 1,200kg for its Teheran reactor, Iran send another 2,000kg to Russia for its Russian-built Bushehr reactor.

London and Paris oppose the idea, Monde reported, as it risked legitimising Iran's uranium enrichment activities. Paris and Washington have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the reported proposal linked to Bushehr or the alleged disagreements.

World powers united on Iran