PSLE top student sets new record with score of 294
By Sandra Davie, Education Correspondent

ST HILDA'S Primary pupil Natasha Nabila binte Muhamad Nasif is the top scorer in the Primary School Leaving Examination results that were released in schools at noon on Thursday.
Her aggregate score of 294 set a new record for the examinations, beating the last highest score of 292 set in 1993 by Nanyang Primary boy Justin Lau Yang Zheng.
Natasha, 12, whose father is a technician and mum, a housewife, is from the gifted education stream.
The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board described her results as 'outstanding', as she was ahead by six points from the next two highest scorers, Zou Yuhan of Geylang Methodist Primary and Rebecca Teng of Tao Nan School, who both scored 288.
The Education Ministry said in a release on Thursday that of the 49, 817 Primary 6 pupils who sat for the exams, 97.7 per cent did well enough to proceed to secondary schools.
Of these pupils, 63.5 per cent are eligible for the Express stream, where students complete their secondary course in four years.
Some 22.2 per cent qualified for the Normal (Academic) stream, while 12 per cent made it to the Normal (Technical) course.
The normal stream students take five years to sit for their O-levels.
The Ministry added that of the 1,152 pupils who will not proceed to secondary school, 1,122 will be given another year in Primary 6 to consolidate their basic language and mathematics skills.
The remaining 30, who are either over-aged or have attempted PSLE thrice, will be enrolled in basic vocational training courses. Pupils who have attempted PSLE once, or twice, may apply to enrol in Northlight School (NLS). The applications of those who have attempted PSLE once will be considered by NLS based on the recommendations of their primary school principals.

Today is the day the PSLE results 2007 are out. And this student from St Hilda's broke the record. 294 is a very high aggregate! My cousins and brother all in the Express stream, only ME in Normal stream. Haha! I told Hubby, I wonder if our child next time will be as clever. He laughed, and said I think too far , Baby is not even dued yet. Lols!