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Advice for 4-month-old's first overseas trip

This is a discussion on Advice for 4-month-old's first overseas trip within the Travel & Leisure forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Hi mummies I am taking my dear son to Melaka on a self-drive trip next weekend. It's a short one to ...

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    Imperial Concubine cmeilim's Avatar
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    Advice for 4-month-old's first overseas trip

    Hi mummies

    I am taking my dear son to Melaka on a self-drive trip next weekend. It's a short one to gauge how he copes with travelling overseas before we bring him for longer trips in the near future. Would appreciate it if anyone can share the emergency telephone numbers to have, tow truck service, any other usual telephone numbers, and any other advice. Thanks!

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    Imperial Concubine cmeilim's Avatar
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    Re: Advice for 4-month-old's first overseas trip

    any info on useful emergency telephone numbers in msia to keep with me, or other tips for bringing infants to driving trip in msia?

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    Re: Advice for 4-month-old's first overseas trip

    i'm not sure what are the useful emergency numbers in msia that you can keep with you.
    But if you are driving in yourself, it'll be good to find out from singapore instead whether how to go about if you are being trapped there due to car issue.

    & as governement encourage citizens to register ourself each time we travel out of the country at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore
    it'll be good if you register yourself there. in any case of any country issue, they'll know how to help/assist you.

    for us, we also brought our child to segamat when he was 3mths old for a period of 3 days. but my father in law booked for a small van capacity of 10 to fetch the whole family in and send us home again from there. Not so much worry whether can the car survive or must take care of the car issue etc. As for the baby, typically, brought his small bottle steriliser, milk powders, diapers extra clothings, medication (standard: fever, diahorrea, cough, running nose, block nose)
    from the padae, wet wipes, etc....

    2nd time we travel was when he was 8mths old, to KL via coach for 4 days this time.
    It was ok with the trip there, he was sleeping and well behaved. juggling with feeding him milk and changing his diapers on the coach. But 1st night at the hotel, was quite a nightmare for us. Consecutivel became ok. But coming home via coach was a nightmare, cause I think he dont't like travelling on coach at night. our coach reach back s'pore at around 10pm. we left there at about 4pm.

    3rd time at around 10mths plus, this time we took him to bangkok. it was a very ruggard trip as it's a prilgrimage. it was good. he's already trained to travel. no crying on board also. well behaved thru'out.

    Then followed by japan trip during autumn for 3mths when he's turning about 1yr old.
    7hours flight. no issue also. well behaved.

    actually,there's so many things to share. it'll be good if you can let me knw what you really wish to know? then i can share more with you .
    otherwise, this post can be really long and endless......

    Cause we're still travelling very often, he's just turn 4 this year.

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