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ADVICE NEEDED for travelling with baby!!

This is a discussion on ADVICE NEEDED for travelling with baby!! within the Travel & Leisure forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Hello there, I will be travelling back to the UK in December for Christmas, my daughter will be one year ...

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    Talking ADVICE NEEDED for travelling with baby!!

    Hello there,

    I will be travelling back to the UK in December for Christmas, my daughter will be one year old by then.

    Just want to know, can I put a pram AND a travel cot in cargo or do I have to choose one?

    Do I have to book specific seats?

    At one year old will my daughter need a basinet (skycot) or will she be too big for it?

    How should I organise food and bottles etc?

    What items should I bring with me in handcarry?


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    Re: ADVICE NEEDED for travelling with baby!!


    I've travelled a bit since my daughter was 6 months, so here are my tips.

    The pram is usually counted as an additional piece of luggage, but not sure about the portable cot.

    For your daughter I would still ask for the bassinet, as children usually fit them until about 18 months. The problem is getting them to willing stay in the bassinet. My daughter loved it, however my son would wake as soon as I put him in. I always bring a wrap/blanket and 2 pegs to tie above the bassinet.

    Food and bottles - depending upon how well your daughter is eating you can ask for a child rather than infant meal when booking. I always bring extra food and snacks. I take sufficient water to last for 2 formula feeds and also take a spare empty bottle which I fill using the water dispenser. By the time I'm ready to use the water in the spare bottle it's no longer cold. I take lots of formula and and bibs.

    Hand carry - you need a very large bag. Bring lots of diapers and wipes, spare clothes for your daughter and atleast a spare top for you. I put only a few in my bag the remainder in a trolley bag. Important even if you dont't use it, is to bring some medication to settle your daughter. At 1 she will be easily enterained with her favourite toys, books.

    Baby Carrier - I find this essential as you will be probably up and walking about alot, it saves your back and allows you 2 hands. If you're travelling alone it is definitely essential as going to the bathroom whilst holding a child gets really difficult!

    If you hadn't planned it yet, change your daughters sleeping times before you go. Each day adjust her day by one hour, so by the time you arrive in the UK your daughter will already be adjusted the the time zone and you can make the most of your time there.

    In general, I dont't rely on the airline staff for too much as realistically they are not looking after only you and your daugther but a few hundred other passengers too, so even if you have a screaming child you need to wait.

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    Re: ADVICE NEEDED for travelling with baby!!

    Generally, they will assign you a bulkhead seat and offer bassinet when they know you have an infant (below 2yrs) upon reservation.

    Of course bulk head seat is on 1st first first serve. If it happens that there are more infants that they could cater the bulkhead, they assign on this basis.

    I think for night flight, its easier to handle a baby than an afternoon flight. Most babies I see on night flight sleeps better.

    Good luck !!

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    ADVICE NEEDED for travelling with baby!!


    I am a first time mummy and intending to bring my 7m old baby to superstar virgo (SV). Can experienced mummies please advise if it is a viable holiday option? If yes, what are the things I should bring or look out for the young one?

    Though this is not my first time on SV, I have not travelled with an infant before and concerned with the hygience factor like how to sterilise the bottles, any hot water from the housekeeping or can we boil our own water in the room, how to bath the baby, basic medication to bring along, stableness of the ship for infants, babycot services, & etc.

    Experienced mummies, need your valuable advice and pls share your experiences.


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