I will be travelling to Taiwan for 4days business trip in December 11. I am still lactating and do not have much supply while I am away, thus, I would like to bring the EBM back.

However, I have called up the Taiwan custom and seems like they are very strict. Ask me to check in my milk and must have dr's verification.

Not sure if anyone can advise the below:

1) If I check in my milk, will they spoil? I will pack them in medela bottles and with their cooler element in their black milk bag.

2) And of course I would prefer and appreciate that they allow me to bring up to the plane, but up to how many bottles can I pack? Or shall I just use disposable milk bag? Can I pass the air stewardess my milk and ask her to chill it for me?

I would really appreciate if anyone can advise me the above as aoon as possible.