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This is a discussion on Bangkok within the Travel & Leisure forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Originally Posted by skt Bumping up this thread. Other than the new mall Terminal 21, any other places selling baby ...

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    Re: Bangkok

    Quote Originally Posted by skt View Post
    Bumping up this thread.

    Other than the new mall Terminal 21, any other places selling baby stuff like clothes, milk pumps ?

    Are those baby clothing at CTC in good quality? I heard we have to get good quality clothing to avoid rashes and uncomfort to the baby.
    I've been to central world while 5 mths preggy to look for baby stuffs there. Generally, the baby clothes sold there are of good quality and nice design but not cheap! i've got a pair of very cute mittens and they are like 360 thb...but its super cute and i cant resist. They do sell milk pumps etc. but some brands are not sold in sg so im not sure if they are reliable.

    If you want to have wholesale price, i recommend platinum fashion mall instead. They have a big area at level 4 (i think) dedicated to baby clothes only. CTC, IMO, nothing much.. quality so-so.

    Anyone been to BKK with an infant? I am bringing my 11 month old son this May and i'm feeling jittery:
    1) i'm not sure how he will react on the plane. I'm thinking if he might scream n yell due to the change in air pressure.
    2) Can i cook porridge for him there and this will mean i have to wake up earlier than the rest to esp cook his porridge (fyi, im going with a couple of friends)
    3) i think and read that BKK is not baby friendly and no nursing rooms (other than the big malls like siam paragon). SO how am i going to change my baby nappy??!! if i am at eg. pratunam/ platinum *pull hair* I dont even want to think about bf-ing him... might have to just bf him in taxi or toilet or restaurant or public. i dont know. haha
    4) Oh, is there even baby chair in foodcourts? eg. platinum? i know street food stalls confirm have no baby chairs...
    5) i dont even want to think if we can survive the heat in CTC. He has eczema and sweats easily.
    6) i have 1001 things to bring just for my baby.

    As much worries as i have right now, i've already booked the tix and am going to face whatever challenges i'm going to have there. Will come back and tell my story. lol

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    Re: Bangkok

    Hi babe, I've replied your PM.

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    Re: Bangkok

    missgale: thanks for replying!

    by the way, I have just returned from BKK trip, yes it was hot but still bearable. Am glad I travelled with mum around, felt so pampered and well-taken care of.

    Not much maternity clothes to buy from BKK, even from the popular malls. Only managed to grab a few pieces from the one and only shop selling maternity wear in Platinum Mall. Baby clothes and accessories are super cheap at Platinum Mall, I personall feel that is enough already, the prices and quality are worth stocking up. Forget about Chatuchak (JJ market), the baby clothes are not cute and variety was disappointing. Strollers are kinda ex in the malls which I've visited. I managed to buy a baby carrier at about SGD30+, no brand but so much cheaper than in SG.

    I high recommend all mummies to go BKK for some baby shopping once a year, lotsa savings if we can buy airtix at promotional prices. I managed to buy 2-way SQ at less than SGD300 including all the taxes, super good deal!

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