Hi mummy's,

I am planning a short half a day or even one day tour in SG for family's.
It will be mostly educational/fun for your little ones to places/things they get to read in thier books. It will be a tour where you & your love one can experiences how farmers get to work.

Places for you to choose will be:

- Frog Farm
- Fish Farm
- Aeroponics Veg Farm
- Crocodiles Farm
- Organic Veg Farm
- Kampong experiences
- Kalong experiences
- Farm Stay
- Dairies Farm

Service provided:

- Plan Of Farm Tour
- Plan Meals For You (For your easiness. You dont have to bring so many stuff with you)
- Bus Through Out The Whole Tour.
- Birthday Party
- Private Event (Family, company ect.)

*If you do have any enquirers do feel free to drop me a mail emelineejoy@hotmail.com

At your service,