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Royal Carribean Cruise

This is a discussion on Royal Carribean Cruise within the Travel & Leisure forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Hi mummies and daddies, I'll be bringing my baby on this cruise for 4N soon but am quite lost as ...

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    Royal Carribean Cruise

    Hi mummies and daddies,

    I'll be bringing my baby on this cruise for 4N soon but am quite lost as to what I should be preparing.

    (1) Plugs
    Do I need to get an adaptor? Or it's UK/SG standard?

    (2) Inflatable bath tub
    Is it necessary? My baby is 1 year old and cannot really stand well

    (3) Water
    Do I need to bring a mini kettle to boil water for consumption and make baby's formula milk?

    (4) Baby food
    For this, my baby has never eaten from a jar before. When I look at the contents, it looks so thick. His porridge seldom looks so thick. For example, Heinz Spinach, Pumpkin Ricotta, do I still need to mix the contents with cereal? Or can eat direct from the jar?

    (5) Baby cot
    Heard that they provide this on the ship. Any idea how big is it? The lady over the phone says she doesn't know. -.-"

    (6) Pram
    Is it necessary to bring?

    (7) Medication
    Other than the standard cough, cold, diarrhea medicine, any other to bring along? I read from another thread to consider sea sick med? But cruise ship big worr.. Still need?

    (8) Portable baby seat
    Do all areas have baby chairs? Or do I need to prepare this so that my baby can sit anywhere including pool side?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: Royal Carribean Cruise

    Hahaha, I shall update my own post. Just came back from my cruise.

    (1) Plugs: Yes, you need an adaptor

    (2) Inflatable bath tub: Yes, I bought one. Was very useful since my baby can't stand well and on his own.

    (3) Water: No need to bring kettle. Provided in the room. Just bring a big water of bottle to store boiled water so that it can cool and you and baby can drink.

    (4) Baby food: Bought some other brands of jarred food from other stores that mummies in this forum recommended as well as the Pigeon brand porridge. During the breakfast spread I also scooped some plain congee into his thermos to mix with the Pigeon porridge for lunch to dilute salt content in it.

    (5) Baby cot: It's not a cot. It's a play pen. I took extra pillows to lay it into a mattress. I also brought my own baby bedsheet and blanket.

    (6) Pram: Not necessary to bring to use on the ship. But it is useful when clearing immigration with all your barangs. When we got off the ship during shore excursions, we didn't use the pram. We brought a baby carrier.

    (7) Medication: No need sea sick medication.

    (8) Portable baby seat: Yes, I bought the Naforye cushion dining seat so I can use on any chair. Used this on the pool deck as well as in the room. Makes it easy to feed him and leave him to sit on any chair.

    (9) Additional notes: Toiletries bag not provided in the room.

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