i would like to know (or if you are afraid of being judged you can also pm me) how many here have given some form of medication for a toddler on long haul flights to aid the toddler in sleeping. I dont't intend to get into a debate if it's morally right or wrong or to be called that I'm 'drugging' my child. And its not that I have no intention of entertaining my kid or that I'm selfish and I want my sleep.

I have prepared a host of toys and activities, iPad loaded w cartoons etc and coloring books and play doh. However just recently the kid behavior seem to change for the worst and on a short flight the kid cried and screamed all the way. Needless to say I endured looks and nasty comments from other passengers. But that's given since there will always be people who can't stand kids on plane. Just like how I was when I was younger and not married.

I just want to know how many have done it and what was the med given. I know of many mothers who do it overseas in US/UK where long haul flights is inevitable and it's always heavily debated. However over here I have not't seem to have heard any?