Im going HK on 3/3/2010 to 9/3/2010.

Can someone tell me the season there? and the cloths i can buy are for winter? like ppl say what winter sales cause winter just over something like that ...

Also, can someone advise cheap hotels? Actually i tell hubby say aiya, those 20+ or 30+ hotel can , it's small but so long clean can .. Anyone stay before and do you think it's recommendable?
Or, my hubby say about $100 or plus abit for the hotel he expect at least. Any such price? But was thinking if 100+ abit and the room is also same like those 20+/30+ like bo hua lea...

Also, he say wanna go shenzhen stay a night. Any suggestion on hotels?

Lastly, how can we go about it as in, 1st day arrive airport we should go shenzhen stay for a night first after that then stay in HK till last day or ?
Also, what interesting places that must go?

Thanks in advance!!! keke..