Kids jigsaw is a funny and intelligent games for kids, that are designed with educational and entertaining purposes. This fun game can help to develop children of observation, concentration, logical thinking, attention. Being so much fun, this exciting game also will keep their attention for a long time.
How to play:
- Each image is divided into nine pieces, each one has its own position.
- Move the pieces to the right place in order to recreate the picture.
- Each letter comes with a lovely animal drawing.
- After the jigsaw puzzle is completed the letter name and animal’name will be prounced.
- Children learn effectively 26 letters of the English alphabet and related words .
- Easy to move puzzle pieces across screen.
- Colorful images and funny sounds.
This is a game for children of all ages: babies, preschoolers, school children…
Ursa Kids – We create the best fun and educational game for kids!
Let's play this fun and educational game!
* How to download: Click on the following link: or you can seach Google Play -> Ursa Kids -> kids jigsaw