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Anyone knows how to cook nasi brani?

This is a discussion on Anyone knows how to cook nasi brani? within the Cooking discussion forum, part of the Food and Cooking Forums category; hi... the instruction is quite complicated... can someone pls help me! haha...

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    Anyone knows how to cook nasi brani?

    hi... the instruction is quite complicated... can someone pls help me! haha

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    Re: Anyone knows how to cook nasi brani?

    you r referring to the indian briyani rice correct. here is my version?

    1st step

    For 3 cups (not the milk tin, rice cup which you get when you buy rice cooker) of rice (basmati rice)

    - soak the rice for 15 minutes
    -then wash the rice and drain it (no need to drain till the last drop)
    -- add 3 cups water
    - the fourth cup water add 2 tbsp yoghurt to it
    -5th cup water add half the cup with fresh milk or evaporated milk, the other half dilute with plain water
    - you may add grounded cashew nut/ almond paste to the water (optional)
    - salt to taste

    2nd step

    cut 1 big onion in circles
    1 big red tomato
    1 tsp ginger/ garlic

    in a pan , melt 2 or 2 1/2 tbsp ghee
    - once heated add cardamon about 3, cinnamon stick 1 small, star anise 1 pc and 3 cloves
    - add onions and saute
    -add ginger/ garlic and fry
    - add 1 or 1 1/2 tbsp meat curry powder and fry 2 mins(if you like spicy otherwise omit)
    - add tomatoes and once all look abit softened mashed add to the rice in the rice cooker and switch on your rice cooker to cook

    - once cooked, dissolve orange briyani colouring in lukewarm water and using a fork stir the in criss cross to break up and as you do just pour the colour around to mix (no need to mix thoroughly)

    hope my recipe explanation is not too confusing. the explanation looks long n confusing but method is ez n quick to do. i fgot thumbs up from my family gor my briyani

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