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Bird's nest preparation and Self Life

This is a discussion on Bird's nest preparation and Self Life within the Cooking discussion forum, part of the Food and Cooking Forums category; I am planning to cook Bird's nest at home for self consumption. What is the quick and easy way to ...

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    Bird's nest preparation and Self Life

    I am planning to cook Bird's nest at home for self consumption.
    What is the quick and easy way to make at home?
    What is the typical self life when we cook at home?
    After cooking do I need to store in the Refrigerator?

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    Re: Bird's nest preparation and Self Life

    Soaking the Bird Nest

    1.Take the number of pieces of Bird Nest needed and place the Bird Nest in a bowl of water.
    2. Ensure that the bowl is big enough for the Bird Nest to expand about 7 times bigger,
    3. Use water that has been freshly boiled and cooled down.
    (This is to get rid of any chlorine or germs that may have been present in the water.)
    3. Leave the Bird Nest to soak in the water for 2~4 hours.

    Cooking time!

    1. Prepare a Double-Boiler
    2. Fill the external pot with water that reaches to less than half the height of the internal pot
    3. After the Bird Nest has been soaked, drain away the water and place the Bird Nest in the internal pot
    4. Add 1~2 bowls of 250 ml water to the internal pot.
    5. 1 bowl of water will make 1 bowl of thick bird nest soup assuming only 1 piece of bird nest is used.
    (2 pieces will make 2 bowls of bird nest soup)
    6. Add other accompanying ingredients (see below) and cover the internal pot and the external pot.
    7. Put a strong fire under the pots.
    8. Once the water is boiling in the external pot, switch to a low flame
    9. Continue cooking the bird nest for 2~3 hours.
    10. Remove any pandan leaves (if applicable) and pour the Bird Nest soup into a bowl serve hot or cold.

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