Hi all,

Have you ever considered the advantages of learning in a kitchen that uses only simple everyday equipment to dish out great food? That is right, even in cooking, it's possible to accomplish more with less. More zing, shorter cooktime, fuller flavors, happier fans and lesser toil - that's my philosophy in cooking. I am also passionate in imparting cooking skills and creating dishes for my family.
I also love to cook together with friends for bonding and exchanging cooking tips.

My demo classes are run for everyone (including busy executives), while hands-on and special/private classes are run during the mornings/afternoons of weekdays. Classes are conducted in the comfort of my cosy kitchen in a terrace house in West Coast/Clementi. Cooking a great meal lifts the spirit, and I invite you to join me in this journey

Examples of some cooking items are Thunder Tea Rice ( Healthy !), Thai Seafood Tang Hoon Salad, Poached Salmon and seafood in Tom Yum broth, Healthy Italian Bruschetta, Vongole pasta and lots more. Cost per pax is $40