Got cooking demos next weekend!

Food Traditions @ Northpoint

22 - 26 July:
Food, glorious food! Enter a world of gastronomy as you enjoy the delectable ethnic spread we have prepared for you.

Curious to learn about the importance of one of Asia's food staples - the common rice - in the region's culture? Check out our showcase as we show you how rice is a common ingredient in many ethnic dishes across different cultures. You will be surprised at how your neighbours' cuisine, all using rice, are deliciously different from yours!

If you want to improve your culinary skills, do not miss out on our food demonstrations. Here, you will get first-hand tips on how to make sushi, nasi lemak, Chinese desserts and other irresistible goodies. (By Violet Oon, Baba Nelson Li & Sylvia Tan!!)

Besides these gastronomic pleasures, expect visual delights too. Stage performances will share stories and harvest traditions through an appetising combination of music and dance.