Learn to Cook Pasta
(in the comfort of your home)

What you will learn :

- Basic types of pasta and their uses

- Aglio Olio

- Tomato-based pasta sauces

- Cream based sauces

Cost : $120 ( including ingredients )

Max students : 3

Everybody loves Italian cooking, even kids! You can incorporate a wide range of meats and vegetables into these 3 types of techniques to cook pasta. Its especially wholesome (and not to mention cost-saving!) to be able to whip an Italian dish whenever the cravings hit.

There are many instant solutions around but they are either high in salt, sugar or just too expensive. Nothings beats home-cooked goodness.

Over the last three years, I have had to cook for parents who wanted to have healthier party food for their kid's parties. My pastas have been a crowd-pleaser all the time.

Now, I want to share how easy it is to make them!

Feel free to PM me or email me at [you]yeo.latifah@gmail.com[/you] to arrange for a class for yourself or for your friends.