Dear Mummies,

Recently I've received a call saying that the this group of people is organising a cooking class at the Community Centre near to my area and they will be coming to our house to distribute receipes and let us have more information on the classes they are conducting.

did not know that they are actually coming to do door to door hard selling, I made appointment for them to pop by. When they are here they pretended to hand you the receipes (a few pieces of blurred photocopied receipes) tell you about the course fees etc... than they will start to say they need a sponsor in order for us to pay a lower course fees and she start to mention about the 7 pieces 'Barazzoni' cookware(Sponsor) which cost $4900 before 7% GST, She told me that if we were to buy from website it will cost more than that.

Than start to ask you to buy. I told her Im not interested and need to discuss with my husband but she kept telling me she how good the cookware was and it is a good bargain. (This actually drag about 1hr plus)

Thought she will leave soon cos I did not even offer them any drinks, than the supervisor pop-by and say she need to use my toilet than I let her in. After she used the toilet she actually sat together and persuade me to get the cookware. At that moment Im really pissed off and tell them off. They really wasted my 2hrs sitting there listening to something Im not interested at all. The stupid supervisor even insulted me before she leave saying we rather kanna cheated by banks and not getting a set of cookware from them which is totally a different case unless she is saying she is a cheat.

I felt so angry and actually reported to the Community Centre about this the very next day to my surprise not only had been cheated by these people to have sat there listening to their nonsence. I tik the Community Centre canot do anything about this.

Should I also make a police report??? Really not sure how to go about it.

Please spread around this piece of information cause these people actually get our information from the lucky draws that we participated and I think alot of housewives will fall into their trick.