Hi there,

Wonder if some mummies can give me some Advise. It's so demoralizing. I've been to trying to conceive sincE my baby was 1/2 year old.. And kept cutting down on breastfeeding so that I can hopefully get back my cycle soon. It eventually came back, but my charts just shows very unconvincing bbt. Like when it's supposed to be low before ovulation, then it's not low enough. Or after ovulation, it doesn't stay high enough. It's do demoralizing to see this. Wonder if it's cos my body is still not back to producing the necessary hormones? Why is it taking this long for me to conceive. I really want to space my kids near. But I seem to be suffering from hormonal imbalance.

I'm now 12.5 months post partum, stopped breastfeeding completely 1/2 month ago. In fact my baby is on partial breastfeeding since 7-8 months. why is it taking longer than usual to get back on track. Can anyone share with me your experience post partum? I'm worried there's something wrong with me. What if I can't conceive again