Hi ,
I am new to this forum. Married for 7 years and have been trying hard for baby the last 2yrs with the help of gynae but nothing happens. I am 33 this year and hubby is 38 this year.

Recently, my friend introduce me to see a traditional chinese medicine at Jurong East. After reading mine pulse and my hubby's, she suggested us to visit a fertilitycentre Which is at glen eagles with Christopher Chen Centre.

After all the test were done, Dr Christopher Chen review our result and say that I have " Adenomyoma " and my hubby have "vericococele" which require us to go for a day surgery.
The total surgery cost for both of us is about $25,000.00.

Looking at the cost, we check with the doctor what if we forgo the surgery and go for IVF directly and what is our success rate for IVF given our problems. He mentioned that since the root of the problems not solved, my miscarriage rate will be high and I could be wasting my money on my 1st cycle of IVF.

After the talk with DR Christopher Chen, we went googling our problems.
It seem like 10% of the woman will have "Adenomyoma" and some even conceive naturally with full term pregnancy.

I am confuse now and dont't know if I should be going for my surgery before
Going for my IVF. Have fix up an appointment 2 weeks from now to see Dr PC Wong from NUH woman clinic to seek 2nd advise.

Just wondering , any mummy out there diagnosed with "Adenomyoma" and did you seek any treatment and successful with IVF or conceive naturally.

Many thanks for your time in reading My problem.