This is a study for an Boats Painting exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1783. Another Gainsborough glass transparency, also at the very&A, depicts an earlier version of the composition, but in reverse. People Paintings These show how Gainsborough used transparencies when planning a major composition. This is catalogue in John Hayes "The Landscape Paintings of Thomas Gainsborough: A Critical Text and Catalogue Raisonne" (1982).
Building Paintings For a General Note on the series of transparencies and the display box, see "History 1", under "Historical Significance". Both this transparency and one other also of a coastal scene (museum number P.43-1955), are preliminary ideas for a large oil on canvas now in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Oil Paintings for sale The composition of this transparency is the reverse of P.43-1955, with the pointing figure on the left of the picture. Famous Paintings The rowing boat off-shore, which appears in both P.43-1955 and the final canvas, has also been removed.