Hihi, has anyone experienced similar symptoms before?

my is now 15 months old and I had been breastfeeding her until a little more than one year. After I stopped, my mensus returned on 6 sept. As hubby and I wanted a second one, we tried very hard. About 3-4 weeks later, I started feeling very tired and had backache very easily (even when carrying relatively light things), so I itchy backside and do a home test. It was negative. After 2 weeks, my mensus which was supposed to come didn't and I had headache so I went to see the doctor.. He asked me to do a test and told me it was negative. Until now, my period is not here yet and I have started to feel slightly nauseous around the start of the week.

could I be preggie? Or not?

If anyone can give some advice, I'd be really grateful!