Hey there pretties! I'm new here, not a mummy yet but having plans to be one soon, heehee~

How ow old were y'all when you tried for kids, and how long did you take?

My hus and I have been together for 6 years and we have been married for slightly over a year. I'm 23 and working for past 2 over years after my poly graduation, and he's 24 in his final year in university. We are pretty excited to start trying for a baby and start the next chapter in our lives. Though we are young, we both know what we want and it's a huge step forward making such a big decision.

So was just wondering if any mummies here can share their experience, especially those in my age range. I might not be considered a young mummy anymore, but hey I'm still pretty young by the usual standards right? Hahaha.

Hope to hear from you babes soon (: