Hi all who are trying to conceive. Just to share my story and good luck to all!

I was having irregular menses since young. Sometimes 2-3 mths once or even half a yr. After I got married and planned to conceive, my menses did not come for half a yr and I cannot plan for ovulation. I was worried and visited a gynae to check. She ask me how long have I been trying? I said 1mth. She did a pap smear and result was fine. Ask me just go home and relax, enjoy. I presume to ask me go back and ml happily. Which we did. After 1 month I found out I was preg!!!

Just to share so that you gals out there dont't despair! miracles happen or maybe it's just timing not right yet. Be patient n enjoy the baby making process. getting stress will worsen the situation.