Hi, I'm 29, trying to concieve for 9-10mths now.
Just went to the gynae 2 days ago for a scan and was told that my ovaries are 'naturally policystic'. he mentioned about unripe eggs, and inability to ovulate. he also mentioned a hormone imbalance. does this mean i have PCOS?

the past 3 mths my cycles have been >33 days. it was 28 (+/-4 days) previously. my recent period this month has been on-going for 2 wks, starting with pink spotting for a few days, followed by brown spots, then red streaks, then moderate flow of red, went back to pink spots, then brown spots again (TMI, sorry!) its really frustrating. my period has always been 7 days max. how can i not ovulate when i have my period?

gynae suggested that i take contraceptives but since i am trying to concieve, he decided that i try to conceive naturally and to come back in sept for hormone meds if i am still unsuccessful. as much as possible, i am hoping to conceive without contraceptives or hormone meds etc.

i am also visiting a traditional chinese medicine. this is my 2nd month of visit and the physician has been asking if i've had EWCM, which i hardly see these recent mths. I've normally had ewcm previously. does weight gain have anything to do with the hormone fluctuation (i gained +6kg since 7-8mths back!)

if i do have pcos, what can i do to conceive? can i get a blood test to determine what hormones i am lacking? any food to avoid/eat more? do i need to do acupuncture, massage etc? any inputs/suggestions are appreciated TIA