since my last post, this was what happened. I have seen a gynae, was on one cycle of medication to make me ovulate - took bloody test, was told the count is low, gotta go for IVF.

Seek second opinion with Dr SF Loh at TFC, was one another cycle of medication, this time is Metfomin and Clomid. Likewise, did not ovulate. At the same time, husband did the sperm analysis and the results were low. Dr SF Loh suggested IVF.

I am scheduled to see the famous traditional chinese medicine Dr Tan Siew Buoy in August. I have another review with Dr SF Loh, mainly is to see my husband's blood test results and his sperm analysis after taking medication.

So now it seems like IVF is the only option and i have several queries

1) I was told by Dr Loh SF that if i were to go to Kandang Kerbau Hospital for IVF (where i can enjoy subsidy) i will be rejected because i am overweight. I need to lose weight and be in the normal weight. The problem is, it is difficult to lose weight with PCOS. If i go the IVF with him, i dont get subsidy =X

2) Should i still proceed with my traditional chinese medicine treatment even if i am considering going for IVF?

3) I have an appt with Dr Sadhana (Kandang Kerbau Hospital just assigned her to me), is she good? Or should i make appt with Dr Tan HH? I heard he is super busy and even with appointment i have to wait up to 4hours sometimes?

Anyone with PCOS, who is overweight, has successfully done IVF at Kandang Kerbau Hospital? I am feeling quite demoralised and lousy Husband really want kids and he was so affected when he found out that his sperm analysis report wasnt great as well.