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SO-IUI and Endometriosis

This is a discussion on SO-IUI and Endometriosis within the Trying To Conceive forum, part of the You and Your Family category; May I know who has done SO-IUI here? I have been scheduled for it at KKHIVF in Jan. The cost ...

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    Red face SO-IUI and Endometriosis

    May I know who has done SO-IUI here?
    I have been scheduled for it at KKHIVF in Jan. The cost told to me is $2k to $2.5k. There is no subsidies for SO-IUI but I can use Medisave.

    I have a few questions.
    1) How much is it in private clinics? Could kind posters please write the name of doc and clinic, and costs?
    2) Can I use Medisave for SO-IUI in private clinic?

    The reason I am looking around is because I am unimpressed so far with my attending doctor at Kandang Kerbau Hospital. I am a subsidized patient there. The doctor does not sound like she is sure half the time. She could only tell me "you did not ovulate" based on the reading of the Progesterone test. She did not sound sure when I asked her what is the CAUSE. Seriously, anybody without medical training can read the test results and say whether someone ovulated. I am looking for specialized gynae in the private sector for a second opinion before I proceed at Kandang Kerbau Hospital. I might do SO-IUI at private clinic as I know from my friends that the costs do not differ much. Visiting Kandang Kerbau Hospital as a subsidized patient, the consultation is definitely cheaper but the prices of many of the tests I underwent like HSG seem jacked up compared to private clinics. I compared bill with a friend who went to the famous LC Cheng Clinic at Thomson Medical Center.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: SO-IUI and Endometriosis

    Hello Shellbee, i have stage 4 endometriosis and I did 2 rounds of natural IUI with a private clinic back in 2011. I succeeded on the second try with my son and the whole cycle including the pre IUI visits, the sperm wash and the IUI procedure itself cost me around $1000.

    I'm trying again now and just had a failed IUI attempts a few months back. This time round I'm using clomid to induce ovulation and we just saw 2 nice big follicles yesterday so hopefully we will be successful this ttime! *fingers & toes crossed*. I also paid about $1k pplus for the IUI a few months back and I couldn't use Medisave for it. maybe cuz it's private? I'm not sure.

    Good luck!

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