I have slowly phased out bf as my son no longer wants it from me. Anyway, my menses has been erratic the past two months. The last time it lasted 17 days but light.

Then the next cycle came as expected on 25th dec and was light until yesterday when it became heavy and a big $1 size glob of blood appeared. Then it was heavy throughout most of today and has lightened up again.

Was wondering if others who stopped bf had the same experience. This is because my husband and I are trying for another baby and while we had intercourse past my ovulation (I suspect) it can't be that I was pregnant and lost it yesterday. ( I was on a flight and carried heavy loads) but no pain nothing.

I know i should have saved the blob and present it to a gynea but I didnt. I really wnat to get pregnant by march and hope that it is normal what I experienced asI heard that if one miscarried then the chances of gettin g pregnant again are slim.