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This is a discussion on Advise within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Dear all i am so exhausted and stress. my 6days old newborn always latch on for about 15mins and then ...

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    Dear all

    i am so exhausted and stress.

    my 6days old newborn always latch on for about 15mins and then fall alseep. tickling chin rubbing his feet all doesn't help. then when i lower him back to the bed, he start crying and asking for more.

    Else once he latch he will choke and doesn't want to drink any more no matter how i try to re-latch.

    Husband is very agaisn't expressing and feeding thru bottle but i'm really so tire and everywhere is aching.

    can someone advise):

    because of Bfeeding i have no time for a proper meal to go toilet to do rest . i constantly worry he might choke at night.

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    It can be difficult in the beginning with a sleepy baby and when you dont't know what they want, only wanting to be in your arms all the time.

    The easiest thing to do really is to go along with whatever they want. Feed whenever they want, hold them, let them sleep in your arms. Hang in there, it doesn't last long

    Looking back, the earliest days were probably the easiest....

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    Hi, my baby was the same as yours. Sleepy after latching for a while and crying for milk again soon after. Your baby probably choked because the flow is too fast for her to swallow when the letdown comes. No harm expressing and feeding her from bottle every now and then, especially when you feel tired and also to prevent her from choking since the teats are customized to their age. I would advise to learn how to breastfeed lying down. I regretted not mastering this earlier! Able to rest while baby suckle, no need carry until arms ache and if you are lucky, baby will just doze off comfortably when she had her fill. Hope this helps!

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    Re: Advise

    the beginning is always tough cos we have to adjust to the lack of sleep. can onky tell you to b determined n continue on. expressing breast milk is still as good as giving your baby breast milk. i have started expressing when my baby was a month old cos he always spend a long time sucking when latching. then i ate lactation cookies with comstant pumping to boost my supplies. you cantry them. i've gotten from Milk Of Love | It's all about Breastmilk

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