Hi all mummies and daddies,

I am a father myself and is posting on goodwill for a friend of mine who just became a father 2 days ago. It is his first child at Thomson Hospital. It is also very unfortunate that his wife passed away after birth due to pre eclampsia and resulted failure in her kidney and subsequently brain dead was announced some 8 hours later after falling into coma. Her full story was pubished in the Chinese Lianhe Wanbao and WanBao(Front Page) news paper on 03/04/2013.

It is very sad that his wife did not even get to see her own baby before she goes, let alone latching. My wife had given birth 8 months ago and her breastmilk had also stopped producing. However, we still do have some balances in which we had decided to give it to my friend's child. Unfortunately, it may not be able to last him through a month. I hope to seek with this post, any forms of contributions especially on breast milk supplies for this poor boy. Any willing party out there please contact me at 9455 0656 and I will be providing you with milk storage bags for your kind supplies and drop by in person for self collection weekly. Again, I am doing this for the sake of this poor boy as I strongly believe breast milk are still the best for all infants.

Once again I thank you for reading this message and hope to hear from anybody soon.